The popular & best places to scuba dive in Andaman:

Havelock Island

With its picturesque coastline and azure waters, Havelock Island offers an ideal setting for an exhilarating sea karting experience. Glide along the pristine shores and soak in the breathtaking views while enjoying the adrenaline rush of sea karting.

Neil Island

Explore the serene waters surrounding Neil Island aboard a sea kart for an unforgettable adventure. Navigate through tranquil bays and discover hidden coves, all while taking in the beauty of the island’s coastal landscapes.

Port Blair

Set off on a sea karting excursion from Port Blair and explore the scenic coastline of the Andaman Islands. From secluded beaches to bustling harbors, Port Blair provides ample opportunities for thrilling sea karting adventures with its diverse marine environment.

Embark on a sea karting journey at these stunning locations in the Andaman Islands, where the combination of natural beauty and exciting water sports promises an unforgettable experience.

06 Nights 07 Days (3 Nights Port Blair / 3 Nights Havelock)