The popular & best places to snorkeling in Andaman:

Elephanta Beach, Havelock Island

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Elephanta Beach for an unforgettable snorkeling adventure. Marvel at the diverse marine life and vibrant coral reefs under the guidance of trained instructors, ensuring a safe and mesmerizing experience.

Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island

Delight in the enchanting underwater world of Bharatpur Beach, renowned for its calm, shallow waters and exceptional visibility. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, discover stunning coral formations and colorful tropical fish with the aid of proper gear and local expertise.

North Bay Island, near Port Blair:

Easily accessible from Port Blair, North Bay Island beckons with its rich coral reefs and clear waters teeming with a variety of fish species. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the underwater realm, where colorful corals and schools of fish await your exploration.

Each of these snorkeling destinations promises a thrilling and safe experience, allowing you to uncover the beauty of the Andaman Sea with ease.

06 Nights 07 Days (3 Nights Port Blair / 3 Nights Havelock)